Richard Dawkins: Faith School Menace

Written by Ryan on August 23rd, 2010

You should really watch Richard Dawkins: Faith School Menace:

I found the part with the teather and students in the Muslim faith school to be particularly frustrating. How can you reasonably expect pupils to make an educated decision about which viewpoint is correct when their instructor clearly has her own, anti-science belief and can’t even answer common questions about evolutionary theory? All the while you’re teaching them in another class that all the information from the Koran is absolutely correct. When conflicts arise, are they going to follow the complex theory that was just taught half-assed by someone who doesn’t believe a word of it or are they going to go with the view that was taught with much conviction and fervor in a different class (which, btw, you’ll go to hell if you don’t choose).

Is that really an atmosphere of ideological equality? Nevermind, as he talks about later, that kids (and even adults) are more inclined to believe purpose driven explanations anyway because it’s the way we’re wired. If you want to teach evolution and you want children to really get it, you need someone teaching it who really understands it themselves and wants to convince their students. An Islamic shill is not going to do that. They can claim they’re giving children choice but without proper education on both viewpoints and without giving them proper tools with which to make choices (an education founded in critical thinking instead of indoctrination), it’s not really a choice at all.

And then the guy invokes the “just a theory” and you know that was dropped in science class without any explanation of the difference in definitions between scientific and common usage of the term.

PS – Thanks for not letting US viewers watch it on your website, Channel 4. I was perfectly happy to support you and contribute to your advertising revenue by watching your version but I guess that’s not happening.


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  1. Rugbychamp says:

    danke für den interessanten Artikel.

  2. Interesting post. I for the most part agree with Dawkins. It’s a funny issue, because it’s faith and participation in religion that has helped fund the education of millions of people. I think it’s fair then to have them offer elective classes that relate to religious study, but to ensure that no indoctrination is required as part of the curriculum.

    I would still argue that much good has come from the practice of religion, so there is something worth defending to a degree. Although, I too am an atheist.

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