jQuery document.body is null error

Written by Ryan on September 23rd, 2009

I had a little “fun” with jQuery where it was giving me a “document.body is null” error…or sometimes it wouldn’t say anything but would just quietly fail. After some investigating, I made an interesting discovery about jQuery’s data() function.

I was chaining calls to data, like
myObject.data('foo', foo).data('bar', bar);

which generally works fine but apparently if foo is undefined, an error is thrown and the whole thing dies. If bar is undefined, it’s no problem, but something about trying to call data() with an undefined value breaks jQuery’s ability to make any further chained calls to that element.

The easiest solution I found is just dropping in a little
if (!foo) foo = null;
myObject.data('foo', foo).data('bar', bar);

And then everything works!


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